March 19, 2011

birthday bus

My last post was about the boys and their love of books and the wonderful tour guides by Miroslav Sasek, in particular, This is London.  It's relevant here because it was the inspiration for our latest creative offering, the invitation to Max's first birthday party.  First birthday!  The birthday bus was, in the style that is on the verge of becoming tradition (remember this one?), conceived by me, Miroslav Sasek and the interweb, but executed by that great, patient and hard working man in my life, Will, who without objection lets me boss him about to create the image I have in my mind, even though I really should just learn how to use Illustrator and do it myself.  Ah well, at least this way it's a truly collaborative effort.

We deliberated over whether to email these invitations or send them out the old fashioned way and it's still something that I am in two minds over.  It's greener and easier to go the email option, but it's so sweet to receive an actual little invitation, in an envelope that's been stamped and has travelled with the postman all the way to your door.  Isn't it?  Or am I deluded that anyone even realises the love and work that goes into these hand made mementos before they mark the date on their calendars and chuck them in the (recycling) bin?

I should say that printing these invites was a big hassle.  When Max was on his way, we turned our spare room/study into his nursery, and all the bits of our study ended up finding impractical homes all over the rest of the house.  Paperwork, craft supplies, sewing stuff, the printer... and then something about my macbook pro doesn't like our printer which is, for all intents and purposes a fine printer, but ended up frustrating even Will, the most patient of people.  Anyway, I finally got it working to then feed the paper into the printer the wrong way round, causing the print to bleed, but not wanting to waste the rather expensive but awesome paper, I reused it right side up and covered the printed back of each invitation with some red and white stripey paper I had left over from Christmas, perfect.  It's a good job they turned out the way they did because I was this close to emailing a .jpeg out instead.

So, corner rounded, they were stuffed into addressed and stamped envelopes with some haste yesterday afternoon, as the pups became impatient for their walk and the kids needed to get out of the house, having refused to take naps at lunch time, and the invitations have now been individually posted by big brother Ollie.  Not long now before I'm musing over Max being here in the world with us for a whole year. Blimey.

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brooke said...

Love love LOVE the bus! You guys are quite the team.

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