March 4, 2011

taking my time

Well it's now only 27 days until Max's first birthday and I have stitched exactly zero patches together for his birthday quilt.  I have procrastinated, blaming lack of time, lack of inspiration and now I'm just accepting that it won't be done in time.  The closest I've got to a quilt is experimenting with Will's colouring pencils, working out which combination of colours will have the same impact as the quilt I made for Ollie (which I will blog about one day), but be suitably different and Max-like.  That was good fun, mind, and it was rather therapeutic to sit down and do nothing but scribble.  It reminded me of the time when I used to get 50p a week pocket money, and I saved and saved and saved until I had £6, which I then took to WHSmiths to buy a set of colouring pencils.  I loved them and had them for ages.  I guess a love of all things crafty starts early.  

Anyway, even though I am so very behind with this little project, my aim now is to have at least the quilt top complete by the end of this month, and then I can hand quilt it at a leisurely pace and do it with the time and loving attention it deserves.  I do enough rushing around as it is, this is one thing I want to take my time over.  I think he'll thank me for it one day.

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