March 1, 2011

playing together

It's been a long time coming, but Ollie and Max finally seem to be playing together.  It still happens, but Ollie's less quick to grab or be frustrated with Max and his curious little hands that seem to want anything Ollie has.  Ollie's learning to take turns, to share his toys (with anyone) and to just move away if Max gets a little too enthusiastic around him and his toys, by which time Max has found something else to do.

This weekend past we went down to the Coast on Sunday morning.  Ollie wasn't feeling the most cooperative he's ever been, but he willingly shared the toys and gadgets he had with his cousin, who pretty much only wanted them because Ollie had them.  It made my heart swell up with pride at how keen he was to share, to take turns and to wait until the toy was left stranded again before picking it up and starting over.

And then today, sitting in the shopping trolley at the supermarket, eating his grapes, handing them one by one to his little brother and making sure, absolutely sure Max was holding the grape before letting go, showing that brotherly love that I guess you can't really describe.

Why is it that we dwell on the negatives?  There are so many sweet, thoughtful things that Ollie and Max do, yet instead of celebrating them, I worry about the difficult days.  It's all about balance, I suppose.  I guess that's why I keep this blog.  So many things to remember and keep with my heart forever and always.

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