March 6, 2011

finally framed

Ah, that feels better.  I may not have started Max's quilt, but I'm not sitting around doing nothing either.  It's an ongoing project that I hope will never end, but I have finally got round to framing just a few of the many photographs and pieces of art work that I have been collecting.  We live in a little wooden house with white walls, and I have the urge to fill the walls with those images that we love, the ones that evoke a memory or strike inspiration or just look plain lovely.

And here we are.  Thank you IKEA for some fabulously simple, sturdy and well priced frames, and thank you to the artists responsible for making our little house the home it is, including Jim Datz for his Manhattan print, Matty Cipov for his amazing little collections, including Field Studies and Bird Survey, my dear friend Kate for her gift of this cute tea towel from Lovely Lovely that I couldn't bring myself to actually use as a tea towel, and of course, our resident artist, Oliver J Downes.  We framed his first painting, and another that he brought home the other day that I just adore and I'm stoked with them.

Now we need to find a place for them on our walls, and there are many more that I still want to frame, including a poster which pays homage to the continuing influence of the Pixies on my life, more of the boys' artwork and cherished photographs from now and long ago.  In this age of t'internet and digital photography (which I love, don't get me wrong), it's just so nice to actually pick out those few images that capture you and yours and let the world see them too.

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