October 19, 2010

an invitation

Next week, Ollie will be two years old.  I'm sure I'll have something philosophical and meaningful to say about it but for the mean time, I'm excited about the excuse for cake (hopefully car shaped) and the chance to send out some handmade invitations to what I hope will be a sunny afternoon garden party.

Thanks to some collective creative thought and Will's Illustrator skills (I still haven't even mastered the basics) we came up with this sweet little invitation to a small gathering we will be having in Ollie's honour. It features the shape of Ollie's first ever train, a wooden toot-toot which is already well loved and still one of his favourite toys and some cute fabric which I scanned in for Will to do his magic with.  I've simplified my explanation of the process somewhat but suffice to say these things, like most of my plans, take far longer to execute than we envisage and it ended up taking a good week of dithering before I managed to post the invitations this morning (including spending far too long choosing the fabric, the fonts and then buying the wrong envelopes).  The upshot of all this is that I'm tempted to start thinking about festive greetings for the upcoming holiday season sooner rather than later.  Maybe something incorporating Ollie's colouring skills?

I'm thinking about all the things I want to do before the big day, including working out how to fashion a car shaped butter cake, what food to prepare and what to include in the party bags that won't just end up in the bin.  List making and planning aside, fingers crossed that after all this rain, we will have sunny, blue skies, yummy cake and a nice long afternoon nap before friends arrive for what I hope will be a fun filled day for our little boy.  Toot two!

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