October 6, 2010


Last week we had some unsettled weather.  It was rainy and blustery one minute and the next, the sun would be shining.  Not so special, until I spotted a rainbow.  A big rainbow, arced across the sky like you see in pictures, absolutely perfect, bright and something I knew Ollie had never seen before.  So I managed to pry him away from playing in the dogs' water bowl (no mean feat) and pointed to the sky, to watch his little jaw drop and eyes widen at what can only be described as magic in the sky!  He was mesmerised, but a bit frightened too, and insisted on going inside and staring at it through the window (too scary to stand outside).  And then, as if it wasn't enough that he was so taken by the rainbow, he ran off into his room, his little feet padding away, where I heard him rummaging through his many (many) books... and then out he came, with a book, furiously rifled through the pages to find the only picture of a rainbow I think he's ever seen and pointed at so earnestly!  And then he looked up a the sky again.  And then at the book.  And then at the sky.  And then he looked at me.  And my heart melted.

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