October 25, 2010

difficult days

The last couple of days, my patience (what little there is of it) has been almost entirely worn thin.  I love Ollie so much, but right now, motherhood is not proving enjoyable.

The screaming at bedtime is particularly tough, and we are going through a difficult period of hysterical tantrums and clinginess, making daycare drop offs and pick ups emotionally trying.  Each night for the last few, I've gone to bed feeling inadequate for losing my temper and shouting at Ollie when he needs patience, something which I've always lacked and am struggling to find more of.

I suppose I am looking for some reassurance that what I'm going through is normal, and that our son is going to grow up to be a charming, well mannered, kind hearted and communicative young man.  Somebody, anybody, please tell me this will happen.


leslie said...

you know what? kids are trying and really hard work some days and it is perfectly natural to have your patience stretched to the absolute limit. i've been there plenty of times in the past few months as well. hang in there, take deep breaths, he will be fine and this too shall pass. x

MANDY said...

thank you... this will pass and tomorrow will bring another challenge, no doubt. being a mama is the hardest thing I've ever done and the only thing I've ever truly wanted. i see many parallels between your family and my own, so i appreciate your kind words.

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