February 21, 2010

small steps and giant leaps

Today, Oliver came to the realisation that his beloved moon, the moon that he loves to point at in any book we read to him, really does exist in the sky.  I can't explain how heart-achingly amazing it was to see this happen, to watch him point to the evening sky and sit mesmerised on our front deck with his arm aloft, pointing to the white crescent that he'd previously only imagined existed in his favourite stories, but it was truly a great moment.

In the last few days, and after an unsettled and somewhat difficult week last week, Ollie seems to have changed, to have matured.  I wonder whether the impatient little boy of last week was pre-empting this change, or perhaps I'm seeing something where there's nothing, and tomorrow will be hard work again, but it both breaks and warms my heart to see that my little boy is growing up.

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