February 15, 2010

difficult days

The last few days have been difficult. It’s been hot, and Ollie’s not been his normal happy-go-lucky self. Ollie’s never been a particularly patient baby, but lately the slightest incident seems to upset him inordinately, and he seems to want to test every boundary that he can.

My once adventurous eater now refuses to eat, playing instead with his cutlery and wriggling around in his high chair. Even our weekly meal out, which is usually something Ollie really enjoys was hard work this week, although he did seem to enjoy the food. Bed time, which was for many months a forgone conclusion that Ollie would be sound asleep within moments is now a teary battle, with Ollie’s beloved companion Tigger being thrown out of the cot again and again.

I can’t think of anything in his routine that has changed. Both of us spend lots of time with Ollie during the day, reading stories, building towers, racing cars... and we try to include him in whatever we’re doing. I think he gets a good variety of play and doesn’t watch any television. Bed time still involves bath, stories, milk and cuddles.

I don’t know whether Ollie’s anticipating the change that’s coming with his little brother or sister, whether he’s reaching a developmental milestone or whether it’s just a phase he’s going through. It could be the heat – it’s difficult to eat and sleep when it’s hot and humid - but I miss the little boy that only a week ago was content to eat, nap, play and enjoy bath time before cuddles with mama, papa and Tigger and a good long rest.

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