February 20, 2010

another first

Ollie reached other milestone today.  Rather, we decided it was about time for his first haircut.  We'd been pondering this for some time now, but been reluctant; his wild, beautiful, chestnut hair suited his sometimes unpredictable personality and had grown into gorgeous, soft blonde wisps and curls that I knew we'd lose with a haircut.

I thought about cutting it myself, but wasn't sure I could do a good job and Ollie doesn't sit still at the best of times, so we left it to the professionals.  Not sure where to take Ollie for this memorable occasion, I thought a good option would be the Aqua Retreat in Graceville, a cute little salon just round the corner that I knew would be baby-friendly as it offers a childminding service in a supervised creche.  So with trepidation I booked an appointment for his first haircut.

We took in a photo of Ollie from a few months ago, when we thought his hair was the perfect length and Athena (Ollie's stylist!) did a great job of replicating it.  Moreover, our little boy was brilliant and distracted by a toy from the creche, he sat as still as he could on his pa's lap. Thirty minutes later, he emerged a smart little boy and I'm convinced that hair cut aside he seems different somehow, more knowing maybe. And while I had my reservations before this morning, and despite my secret plan to let Ollie's hair grow long and beautiful forever, I guess his first hair cut had to happen eventually.

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