February 3, 2010


I am a list maker.  Every day I make a list, whether it's for work, for groceries, for things I need to do or things I need to make.  I don't think I could function without pen and paper, nor without the satisfaction of achieving what is on my lists.

Generally I have three lists.  The first deals with what I have to do today; grocery shopping, bills, housekeeping etc.  The second deals with what I need to do in the next month or so; make birthday cards and gifts, fix things around the house and the last is one which lists everything else... the big stuff, the stuff that probably won't happen for months, even years, but it helps me organise my mind of the seemingly millions of things that I want to achieve.  (If I don't put 'build chicken coop' on a list, I'll never own chickens.)

Now I have a new list.  Next month I will be going on maternity leave and will be eagerly anticipating the birth of my second baby.  I have about seven weeks until baby's due date and during that time there are things I want to achieve, things that I know will be harder to accomplish when I'm looking after a newborn and energetic toddler.  The list gets longer and longer everytime I revisit it and since I have less than two months (assuming no early surprises) and a toddler to look after, I've restricted it to no more than 12 items:
  1. Take my son and pups out for a walk every day that I am on maternity leave;
  2. Teach my son the joy that is crayons and scrap paper;
  3. Organise and clean the nursery (this is a work in progress);
  4. Download the hours and hours of video of our little boy's first year;
  5. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator;
  6. Make birthday cards for 2010;
  7. Start a new quilt;
  8. Figure out how to keep my little boy Oliver out of the kitchen;
  9. Cook at least 8 different nutritious but delicious meals to freeze for after the baby's arrival;
  10. Plan an autumn garden party for my 34th birthday;
  11. Read a Barbara Kingsolver novel;
  12. Go out to dinner with my husband.
I could go on, and who knows, maybe I will achieve all this and more.  Here's hoping.

1 comment:

Brooke said...

I love lists! And this is great one. Only you, lovely lady, could get all that done in 7 weeks. x

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