February 12, 2010

a labour of love

Finally, I have finished documenting the amazing first year of my son's life in a simple photograph album.  I've had the album for a few years and have been wondering what I'd use it for.  It feels nice to have finally found a purpose for it.  

The images I've chosen mark the milestones and memories of Ollie's first year.  I looked through thousands of images to pick only a few hundred and printed and trimmed them all at home, different sizes and shapes, and lovingly put them into an album that I hope my son will treasure.  I created labels to caption moments that were special to us, from the moment he was born to his first smiles to spending his first summer at North Stradbroke Island, surrounded by sea air, sun and sand. 

Even though I've only just finished the album and have seen the images countless times, I love to flick through it and see how the little guy has changed and relive cute memories of the past year.  I can only imagine how great it will be to do the same in ten years time!  

Photography is such a powerful medium.  It takes only a second to capture a moment forever; it's inspired me to continue to be as enthusiastic but perhaps a bit more discerning with the camera when our next baby arrives... and more than ever it's made me appreciate how much I have to look forward to.

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