February 13, 2011

it's nice!

We have been tracking the progress of our strawberry plant with Ollie for the last few weeks.  The little white blossoms, which turned into little green berries, then white have slowly been turning pink and then red and then finally, a couple of days ago, it was time to eat our first strawberry.

Ollie took a tiny nibble, thought about it for a moment, then looked up and proclaimed 'it's nice!' and then gave his mama, his papa and his little brother a teensy bite too.  And it was nice.

I love to see things grow with Ollie, he really gets into the process and although it doesn't always feel that way, he does seem to listen to what we are saying and teaching him.  The difference is amazing when it's something he's interested in.  I will write again about all things Ollie related, especially after my last post, but at the moment, we are feeling positive, and I think he's responding to that positivity in a very good way.

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