February 12, 2011

green pancakes

At the risk of becoming a blog advertisement for Yotam Ottolenghi, here is another tried (twice) and enjoyed offering from the man who has inspired most of our new dinnertime offerings over the last couple of months, something which I make no apology for.

Green pancakes with lime butter.  Pretty darn easy really, very healthy (if you leave out the butter, which I didn't think added too much to the pancakes which were themselves light, flavoursome, earthy and filling).  The first time we made them, Will made the butter, but this time I left it out and had the pancakes with some grilled haloumi and a fried egg, which sounds a lot like breakfast for dinner, something I've always thought was a good idea.  The kids liked them too.

I don't think we are done with you, Yotam.

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