February 13, 2011


One of my treats is a proper coffee, from a coffee shop, made with frothy steamed milk in one of those takeaway paper coffee cups.  It's something I'm enjoying more regularly now that I'm not breastfeeding and back in corporate world, surrounded by coffee shop after coffee shop of busy baristas and that sweet, sweet smell of motivation!  Last week, I treated myself to one of those coffees and in a momentary lapse of judgement, paid $4.50 for the tiniest slice of a muesli bar too.  It was actually delicious, but so teeny, and so overpriced that I could have bought almost two more coffees for the price of that tiny morsel.

Anyway, I did enjoy it, it was perfect with my steaming, hot and foamy cappuccino, so I resolved to make my own, based on the myriad of recipes available on the inter-web. 

250g butter
4 tablespoons golden syrup (about 100g)
200g brown sugar
150g raisins
350g oats

Melt the butter, syrup and sugar together, stir in the oats and raisins, tip into a greased tray, bake for 40 mins at 150c.

I should say that the result was delicious, but I would make some changes. Add more fruit:  apricots cranberries and maybe even dates would work well.  Add less butter and sugar - maybe a bit of maple syrup instead of some of the golden syrup.  Some pumpkin seeds would be good, some chopped walnuts, maybe even sesame seeds.  Bake for a little less time, about 30 minutes would have been enough.  But when all is said and done, this recipe turned out a flapjack that was buttery, sugary, oaty and satisfying - with or without that coffee.  A pretty good lunchbox treat.

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