July 1, 2012

the waiting game

It's been a long time since I updated the blog.  I could try to summarise the events of the last few weeks but not everything has been that important, or that memorable.  The main thing is that we have been waiting for our baby to arrive, I've now finished work (finally) and I'm feeling... pretty good about myself, my family and my health.  Which is quite something as we've all been quite poorly for some weeks now and only in the last week or so have we come out of this winter fug of illness which lasted around 4-5 weeks.

The boys are wonderful.  Max is talking lots now, although not as articulately as I recall Ollie doing so at the same age.  He loves to sing, or rather make us sing for him.  He's fully ensconced in the 'terrible twos' and is going through (what I hope is) a phase of taking what he wants when he wants it, much to the upset of his brother, and he's becoming very apt at throwing a tantrum at the drop of a hat.  Ollie is starting to do some amazing things.  Like writing his name.  Telling the time (well ok, he can't quite tell the time but he is very keen to tell us what the hands on the clock are doing).  Drawing shapes, trucks, people... and his conversation - wow.  His energy can be difficult to manage, he loves to play with sticks, to shout, to make ridiculous noises and to tear around the house at full speed.  They both do.  They are boys; they will do that.

And then there's Will, who quite aptly described himself as my slave yesterday.  He's been my energy while I have been ailing, and then growing this baby, feeling low and then good again.  He runs around our house, keeping it organised, our boys entertained and me with ice-cream, all whilst working at the job he continues to love.  We celebrated 6 years of marriage a week ago, a milestone that came and went quietly but not without the recognition it deserved and then a belated lunch at a local French restaurant which was really quite lovely, and somewhat of a surprise that it was as good as it was.

So now, with a week to go until our due date, we play the waiting game and I'll try to control this obsession with Instagram.  I will rest while the kids are at kindy and when they are not, I will continue to spend time with them the best I can, with the energy  I have before life changes again for us all.  They are as excited as we are and as loving as they can possibly be towards this belly in which I carry this life.  Maybe the next time I write, it will be with news of how they (and we) are coping with the new addition to our family. Maybe.


leslie said...

hey, what's you instagram id? find me, mine is lesliekeating. looking forward to meeting this new little one :)

Mandy said...

I'm neer857, just started following you. My images aren't nearly as inspiring as yours but I do love using instagram; disguises my lack of talent behind the camera!

Will said...

Nice book collection

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