July 4, 2012

food and feelings

I think I'm done nesting.  Not that nesting-me is much different to normal-me; I do love to have a clean, organised house, and most of the time we do tend to achieve that, with a little compromise thrown in for our current 'young family' status.  But I think I'm done washing teeny tiny baby clothes, working out how my new (second hand) breast pump works, finding the steriliser, descaling it, cleaning windows/skirting boards and stocking up the freezer with nutritious and delicious meals.

Since going on maternity leave about 10 days ago (baby is due this weekend), one of our biggest achievements has been the amount of cooking we've done.  In our freezer is harira, home-made-from-scratch-including-the-pasta-lasagnes, eggplant parmigianas, pork dumplings, boeuf bourguignon, stock for soups, and a few things like sausages from our favourite butcher to throw in the oven with some jacket potatoes and eat with a nice salad.  Oh and a New York Cheesecake for good measure, which wasn't so much for the freezer as it was for the baby (that's right).  You see, much as I love to cook, it really can be a chore when you are looking after three children.  I imagine.  At least everyone keeps telling me so.  They also keep telling me how I will have my work cut out for me.  How busy I will be.  How tough it will be to have 3 kids under the age of 4.  How brave I am.  And then there are the comments about how low I'm 'carrying'.  How small I am for full term.  How big I am.  How I must be due any day now.  Yes, all true.  Thank you people, I appreciate the observations, but it's rather like telling me all I want is a bucket of fried chicken and a beer.  I am well aware of it already.

So, with the freezer full, the bathrooms sparkling, the boys fully taken with using the baby bath as a car in the shower and probably won't want to give it up, I think we are ready.  At least in the practical sense.  Emotionally, who knows?  And who knows what this baby will be like.  Will he/she be happy?  Be a good feeder?  Be healthy?  Be easy going?   And then there's the feelings... We couldn't have even guessed how having Ollie and then Max in our lives would make us feel, so for now, the jury's out.  Whatever happens,  God willing there will be health and contentment.

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