December 4, 2010

pizza night

I am trying to keep a little ritual going in our house that Friday night is pizza night.  We like to make our pizzas from scratch (using Jamie Oliver's pizza dough recipe and Giorgio Locatelli's tomato sauce recipe), which isn't hard but it does take a bit of forethought and time, something I don't always have when I'm looking after the boys.  Will and I used to do Friday night pizzas more regularly before we became a family and now that Ollie seems to be more enthusiastic about eating new, different food, I'm keen to get it happening again.  At the very least it means we don't have to think about what we're having for dinner one night of the week.

Anyway, last Friday, we managed to make some delicious pizzas and it made me want to do it again and every Friday.  And then, when the boys are a little older, it can be pizza and movie night.  I see us hiring a kid friendly movie, and maybe one for us to watch after the kids are in bed, and they'll help us make the pizzas and then we'll all eat them, yum.  Won't that be cute?

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