December 10, 2010

hair cut

After a belly full of pancakes for breakfast, we finally bit the bullet and cut little Max's wild, wild hair!  I have never cut hair before, so this was very nerve wracking.  I got pretty close a couple of weeks ago but chickened out and put the scissors away.  The scissors were my Fiskars sewing scissors, not the best for cutting hair and way too big, but the sharpest ones in the house.

And it looks ok!  The curls on top probably made it easier since you can't really tell how haphazardly it's cut, but I reckon he looks pretty smart but we've still managed to retain some of his curly wildness.  Of course I got a bit too confident once I'd done Max's and there was hair everywhere anyway, so I thought I'd trim Ollie's hair.  Big mistake.  The back looks ok but his fringe is plain square and silly and I daren't try to correct it, I know I'll make it worse.  Ah well, it will grow out and at least I've taken some of the hair off the back of his sweaty little neck, which is particularly so on this 30c day.

Will did a good job of distracting and keeping the boys still;  Ollie was really very good and quite accommodating of the hatchet job his ma was doing (Dr Seuss helped).

And now onwards to enjoying a four day weekend. Will has taken some time off work and we're planning to potter around the house, take the boys to kids' story time at the library, decorate salt dough ornaments (which actually seem a bit soggy, so I need to work out how to fix this before too long), go swimming and hang out.  Oh and there's a birthday party and... The Wiggles.  I can't believe we are taking Ollie and Max to see the so-far-banned-in-our-house Wiggles.  Are we starting something we are going to regret?  Probably.  But they'll love it.  Four day weekend.  Woo!

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