December 24, 2010

all wrapped up

One of my favourite things to do is to wrap gifts. Wrapping Christmas presents and thinking about the person you are giving to whilst enjoying mulled (or white, depending on where you are) wine and a Christmas movie playing in the background is a complete joy for me.  So, last night, I did just that and made brown paper packages look like the holidays using butcher's twine, some inexpensive red and white paper from the newsagent, red ticking (which I love) and the tissue paper snowflakes I got carried away making for our holiday card.

Contrary to how it seems, we haven't spent much this Christmas, a toy for each of the boys, an inexpensive paddling pool (if it ever stops raining) for them both and a metal lawnmower that I managed to find for $20, which judging by the way Ollie plays with the one at day care and at his friend's house, he will love.  Oh, and since Ollie decided Santa would be bringing him a green car, a little Matchbox car that fits the bill.  Ollie's come such a long way this year.  We've had so many highs and lows, but I feel as though we have turned a corner, and on balance, he's been a good little boy, just learning his way in the world.  Santa would be proud.

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