September 2, 2011

who'd have thought...

...that after a huge week at work, I would have had a weekend like this.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but it was as productive as my weekends have ever been and a reminder that the weekends when we have nothing planned but to be with each other are the best.  Will took the boys swimming on Saturday morning (usually we both go), so I stayed at home, blitzed the house and laundry which somehow set the scene for the rest of the weekend, during which the housework stayed done, and I had a cooking frenzy.

On Sunday morning, straight after breakfast, I made green bean and potato curry, muttar paneer and prepped the evening's roast chicken before get this - squaring Max's quilt, then making the binding AND sewing it onto the back of the quilt, all in one day. And Ollie was a joy to be around all weekend, totally interested in what I was doing, and happy to help.  Now I just have to blind stitch the binding on, design a little label for the quilt and we're almost at the stage when I can start the next one.

Sometimes I amaze myself. (Although at this point I should admit that this blog post is almost two weeks old, and I have only just got round to uploading it.  Better later than never.)

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