August 27, 2011

all work and a bit of play

We have been doing very little other than working and churning through meal times, chores and time with the kids lately.  I've had a busy few weeks at work, the last two in particular, and it's been ok, but it's also been challenging, working an extra day a week, finding time to fit in the housekeeping and blogging.  So although I've had posts on my mind, I've been tired, not necessarily overworked, but definitely under a lot more pressure than usual to deliver at work and at home and my time on t'internet has been limited and it's set to continue for a little while longer.

It's a tricky thing, my job.  I feel as though I need to work full time in order to do a good job but with the boys, it's just not possible (and not something I particularly want to do).  When I'm with Ollie and Max, I'm thinking about work and when I'm at work, I'm thinking about the boys and it's still a work in progress to strike that balance. Recently, and in an effort to kickstart our plan to be debt free, Will and I decided that he will work a day less and I will work a day more.  It should take some of the stress out of my job knowing I have a bit more space and it will make a big difference to our income, but shouldn't affect the boys at all, who will still spend three days with Sue and then a day with each of ma and pa.  By all accounts, they should be happier, because Will's far better than I am at keeping them entertained and well, Max, he loves his dad.  And Will is looking forward to his Fridays with the boys too, and I am going to try and take a Friday off every month or six weeks or so for a long family weekend together, even if it's just hanging out in the garden, though I'm hoping we will start up a summer of weekends at Straddie as soon as it starts to get warmer.

As for play, it's all about the drawing with the kids.  The pens and crayons and painting and books.  In particular, the Richard Scarry book Ollie borrowed from the library.  And Max wants to read nothing but Emergency! and Dig Dig Digging (both of which Ollie recites from memory) and Max walks around with the most tattered copy of Thomas you have ever seen, but it is his absolute favourite.  Oh, and then there's the $10 wheelie bin from Target that has kept Ollie entertained for the last week. It gets wheeled around mainly full of cars, trains, books, crayons, clothes, Tigger, more books, spatulas and other kitchen utensils... basically if you can't find it, it's probably in the wheelie-bin.

And in other news, the boys had their first taste of lollipops today, when we succumbed to Ollie's charm and manners at the supermarket, as he picked up a Chupa Chups and said please.  Predictably, they were a hit. They were also very sticky.  But they were silent and completely happy to do whatever they were told for about 30 minutes.  It will be a long time before they have them again, but it sure was nice to give them a treat.  Even if I did make them brush their teeth afterwards.

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