September 9, 2011

boys dig flowers too

This last week or so, I've been deliberately spending as much time as possible outside, not just because it's what the boys prefer, but because spring is here, the weather is near perfect, and it's so refreshing to get out of the house.

For a while now, Ollie's been more keen to walk rather than sit in the pram, reminding us again that time is against us, and he's growing up so quickly.  He holds onto my hand (otherwise he knows the alternative is sitting in the pram and he doesn't want to do that) and walks along at his toddler pace, pointing out letterboxes and telling me to 'look at the cute little flowers', stopping now and again to pick one, and then another one for his brother, or poke his nose into someone's mailbox, telling me whether they've collected their letters or not.  It's cute, although it does take a lot longer to get anywhere and I am becoming more concerned about living on a main road.

Max, he sits comfortably in the front of the pram, with his muslin, thumb in his mouth, listening to the conversation between his mum and his brother.  I can't help but feel he loses out when Ollie is now so communicative and Max is not quite talking, but actually, I think it's good for him.  He hears constant chatter, which is more than Ollie had at that age and it feels as though any day now, his language will explode.  Speaking of 'that age', Max is the age his brother was when he came into the world.  17 months old.  It may sound crazy but it's making me think about how awesome it would be if there was another little soul in our lives... though it might be sensible to wait a little while.  Three kids under the age of three would be nuts.

So that's about all that's happening.  There's the usual too, piles of laundry, yearning for a hug from my mum, a wish for a holiday in the French countryside, bone-aching love for my husband and increasing dissatisfaction with my day job.  And is it me, or does it feel like things are about to change?

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Deanna LaMotte said...

How wonderful, Mandy! I love reading your post about the boys, and it's so much fun to "watch" Mason and Ollie growing up simultaneously. Mason has been in preschool full-time since I started my public health program (he loves it--I feel horrible :-), but the great thing is that his preschool is a 5-minute walk away from our house and on the way to my school, so we walk to school together every morning (15 minutes for that 5-minute walk). We pick flowers, make funny shadows, "fly" and "swim" and jump some days, play "red light/green light" and just generally goof off. It's the best way I can think of to start a day, and even makes going to my biostatistics class fun. It's nice to think of you and Ollie having those same fun walks--with the added joy of little Max as well. Love to you and your precious family,

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