July 18, 2010

another new chapter

Tomorrow, Will starts a new job as a graduate architect.  After seven years of working so very hard for his degree and seven months of looking for a job, he's finally getting the chance to start his chosen career and put all his talent and knowledge to good use.  Only a month ago, after the fruitless job hunting and countless conversations about what to do next, we were getting ready to move back to England.  I was looking for work, getting together visa applications and applying for our boys' passports when all of a sudden this opportunity came knocking and we're now started an exciting new chapter of our lives.

I wouldn't be me if I wasn't a little sad about postponing our big move back home, but it also feels nice that my husband has a good job and that we have a bit more time here to savour living in Australia, where life has been pretty good to us.  Aside from this being a great opportunity for Will, I do feel as though we need a bit more time here, to live here as a working family after such a long time of living on one (or sometimes no) income.

Few families are lucky enough to that they have both parents at home, sharing in the challenges and joys of raising a young family, so I know the coming months will definitely be a tough as I learn to manage our home without Will's extra hands.  But it's going to be nice to have some structure to our weeks, and to have our weekends together as a family, just like all the other mums and dads.

I'm really proud of Will.  He's such a good man to me and our boys, and I don't think I tell him often enough how important he is to our family.  I know that this job will give him the chance to grow personally and professionally, so I wish for him that this new opportunity is everything he is looking for.  I also hope that it brings some well deserved balance and independence to his life which has so far been so selflessly devoted to me, Ollie, Max and our two little puppies.

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