July 20, 2010

deeks is better again

Poor little Deacon's had a very rough weekend.  On Saturday, we got back from a fairly stressful couple of days at the coast with Will's family where Deeks mainly hid under the bed from everyone.  Amongst the chaos of the weekend and Deacon's natural tendency to keep himself to himself around strangers, we didn't realise the little guy wasn't feeling good.  We woke on Sunday morning to find the deck covered in poop and vomit and blood.  He needed emergency care at the UQ vet clinic where he stayed overnight and came home yesterday after being diagnosed and treated for HGE.  He's such a timid little thing, he would have been terrified about being taken away from what he knows best but he's had his medication and boy was he happy to see his best friend Lola!  Lola pretended she hadn't even noticed Deeks was gone, but they cuddled up together last night and I know she was secretly happy to see him back.

It's hard work looking after two babies and two dogs.  There was the bat incident earlier this year, when Lola attacked a bat that had flown onto our deck, resulting in us calling the RSPCA to come and rescue the bat.  Then there was the cane toad incident, when Lola got hold of a cane toad in our garden, licked it, got high and needed to have her mouth washed out and a visit to the emergency vet.  And then there was the time Lola survived but was a little fatter for eating an entire Camembert and a whole box of chocolates and an entire Christmas pudding.  Thankfully not all at the same time.  But she'd give it a shot.

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