March 3, 2010

the gift of giving

Before Ollie was born, I decided I didn't want him to have too many toys.  I didn't want a house full of garish, plastic toys with a limited shelf life that Ollie didn't want to play with, rather I wanted his toys to be a thoughtful, sustainable collection of things that he was interested in, not just now but in the future too.  I also wanted (and still want) to encourage Ollie to understand the importance of appreciating what you have, rather than always wanting more.  And books, I have always wanted him to have access to many, many books.

So far, Ollie's toys consist of thoughtfully chosen gifts from friends, family and his mama and papa.  There aren't too many; just the right amount and so far it's been reasonably easy not to succumb to the aisles and aisles of toys that are available.  But, in the last couple of weeks, Ollie's newfound interest in cars, planes and helicopters and the pending arrival of his little brother or sister has resulted in a few more toys appearing around the house.  We've tried to continue being selective, choosing things that should last long enough for him to share one day, and toys that should entertain him for longer than it takes to tear open the box.

Earlier this week, when looking for a gift for Ollie's new cousin Frankie Belle, his papa bought him a cool green pull-along Brio helicopter.  We like Brio toys; they are simple, wooden toys, produced in colours and designs that seem to encourage inquisitive play.

Giving to Ollie, seeing him open his new gift, hearing his excitement and watching him learn what his new toy can do with such innocence is so sweet to watch, it's hard to resist doing it more often.

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