March 6, 2010

i (think i'll) heart new york

There are many places I'd like to see, but for a long time now, I have wanted to visit New York.  It's become more of a yearning since leaving London almost eight years ago, and I hope that one day my family and I will have the chance to experience the food, the architecture, the diversity of New York's cosmopolitan culture... I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it.

(Image by Katy Elliot)

Every now and again I'll see something that makes me want to go to New York even more.  This time, it's Katy Elliot's photographs of Grand Central Station, taken on her early morning commute.  It's an understatement to say Katy has an eye for style but it's something she manages to effortlessly capture even in her candid photography.

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khess30 said...

Well Mandy,this is my top city in the world, as you may already know, so it comes as no surprise that you are itching to get there! A little something that caught my eye before my last trip in October was the completion of the 'Highline'.

An elevated, eco-friendly and fully landscaped park on the old train line running from Gansevoort St to West 34th. Check it out xo

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