May 26, 2011

ready for those tiny little stitches

Another bout of tummy bugs and another stressful week at work.  I am not going to dwell on the negatives this week, despite feeling so sorry for Max who is sick again, and for myself, so deeply unhappy in my job and lacking the courage to make a change. Rather, I'm going to write about the excitement of having basted my third ever quilt.

The top has been sitting neatly folded for a few weeks now and I finally went out and picked up a cheap-in-the-sale set of flannelette sheets to use to back the quilt with (for extra cosiness).  Washed, dried, elastic removed from the fitted sheet, I basted the top, wooly batting and soft flannelette together and it's now ready for those teeny tiny stitches.

It seems a little superficial to write about something so insignificant, but since becoming a mum, there are so many of those tiny little moments that seem to make even the gloomiest days happy ones, sometimes it's overwhelming how much I want to document the littlest of things.  You never think you'll get so much joy from seeing your kid put his own shoes on for the first time (that happened, by the way) or from hearing your baby boy pointing to a bird and actually trying to say 'birdy' or from listening to the very explicitly detailed account of how the garbage truck deals with the rubbish in the wheelie bins or from from having an hour to yourself to just be, but you do.

Now that the weather is cooling off, I am reminded of our holiday to Tasmania almost three years ago when Ollie was in my belly, and how beautiful and cold it was in the midst of winter, especially on this day at the top of snow capped Mount Wellington when I only managed a few moments out of the car to take this photo and a few others.  It's nowhere near as cold as Tasmania was then, but with these chilly evenings I'm looking forward to sitting under that nice big quilt and watching it come together.  I'm pretty keen to make one for our big bed next, pinks, oranges and deep yellows, I think.  What is it about having incomplete sewing projects that just makes you want to start even more?

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