May 12, 2011

awesome to the max!

First steps!  It's been impossible to cajole the little guy into walking (unlike Ollie, who found the whole process of learning to walk hilarious), and even now that he's taken his first few steps (officially on 12 May 2011), he's still more inclined to crawl and will be for a while yet, I think.

Walking, running, breakdancing... it all starts here.

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Deanna LaMotte said...

So fun, Mandy! Big congrats to Max... I hope you are videotaping the big first steps... I don't know if you remember, but Mason technically took his first steps just over a year old, but it was another TWO MONTHS before he could be convinced to actually use walking as a mode of transport rather than his much preferred crawling! These boys have a mind of their own, for sure!

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