January 19, 2011

a new bed and new trouble

I think it all started with the new bed.  Well, not so much new as it is new to Ollie.  We finally decided to take the side down from Ollie's cot and convert it into a junior bed.  It was something we have been considering doing for some time now.  His friends all did it a long time ago but we didn't think it was the right time and we were put off by the probability of random mid night wanderings and bed time becoming a long chore of guiding Ollie back to bed as he would no doubt try to tire of the novelty of being able to get up and out of his room whenever he felt like it.

But, we had to adjust Max's cot (now that he's pulling himself up to standing) and so we took the plunge with Ollie's too.  The first night was nerve wracking but he went to bed and slept all night, and had a look of complete delight on his face when he got out of bed at 7am the following morning and let himself out of his own room.  (It's only a matter of time before he works out how to get to the Cheerios and find the cartoons.)

His first day time sleep didn't go quite so smoothly and he left his room a couple of times, but he did go to sleep when he realised we weren't going to let him leave his room without a rest.  Hoping this was a one off situation, we gave him the benefit of the doubt but... it isn't getting any easier.  It's been two weeks and he's decided to fight his day time nap with more determination than I've ever seen.  Now, I know he needs a rest - he sleeps for over two hours at day care (and without a peep I should add, but it is in a cot), and while it isn't the end of the world if he doesn't sleep, it doesn't make the afternoon any easier .  I should be grateful that night time sleep seems to be ok - he gets up a couple of times but soon gets the idea that he needs to go to bed, but boy oh boy, day time sleep is not happening.  Today he slept, but only after a good old fashioned yelling, and a not very impressed mum dragging him back to bed oh about twenty times.  20.  It took 90 minutes, by which time Max was awake and I was in a very, very bad mood.

I love that kid.  I love them both.  They are growing up and doing things that I knew they'd do, but all too soon.  Each phase passes and another begins, just as it feels like we are settling into a rhythm.  It's a cliche but until you've been there, parenthood is nothing like you imagined and nothing like the movie.  A few days ago I asked Will what he thought things would be like in five years time but I don't think I want to know, do I?  And we just can't say.  It's all been such a discovery so far, it's best not to think about it.

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