January 10, 2011

first day

My first day back at work is over.  I came home to my husband and sons, all happy after a successful day of mess making and hanging out on another very rainy day.  Apart from Ollie refusing to sleep at lunch time (more on that later), I think they all had a good day, and it was the first time Will has looked after the boys all day.  Laundry was done, dinner was prepped (definitely more on that later) and the boys weren't that sticky.

Highlights of my day included going to the toilet with the door closed, drinking two cups of tea while they were still hot, actually eating lunch that didn't consist of crusts/left overs/vegemite-something-or-another and enjoying more than a couple of conversations with beloved colleagues that I have missed, that weren't interrupted by me having to rescue a car/truck/toddler.

Highlights of Will's day included teaching Ollie how to sing this song, Ollie giving Max a spontaneous hug (and some banana) and spending some one-on-one time with his sons.

I missed my boys though.  I was glad to get home in time for bath time, and I'm still nervous about how things will be over the coming months, especially as we only have the luxury of Will looking after the boys for another couple of days.  I will be busy at work and busy at home, the same as any other working mother out there, but I guess, for now, day one is over and all we can do is look onwards and upwards until that day when I can make a living knitting socks.

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