September 28, 2010

uniquely derivative

There's nothing original about this blog.  I don't claim to know anything about fashion, about what is new or interesting.  I don't write with any creative flair or about anything interesting to anyone but me and my photography is at best, acceptable.  But in a couple of months, it will be a year since I started this diary of all things and I have enjoyed the quiet time between me and keyboard immensely.  This type of blog is a fairly shameless egotistical self promotion (although I don't expect anyone reads it) but it's oddly cathartic too.  There have been times in the last twelve months when I've been lost in my worrisome thoughts, not sure about the direction to take next and confused over the countless tasks and lists I feel like I'm managing.  And then there's the blog.  A chance to write down what I'm thinking, order it somehow, write to the imaginary audience to provide some clarity and reasoning behind all the confusion I seem to feel and to pin point those moments that I want never to forget, and some others too.  It feels good to tap away at the keyboard, constructing and deconstructing sentences, thinking about what I really think, and then choosing what I want to say and remember (and other times, blurting the obvious), choosing images, taking inspiration from other bloggers but ultimately hoping that the things I choose to write about will be interesting to me.  There are also moments and feelings I haven't but perhaps should have captured, ones that I wish I had written about, times when I was feeling so joyous or irrationally lost... It might not be original, but like any new book, band, painting, recipe, this is my take and a record of the things I want to keep with me for always.

Long may it continue.

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