September 5, 2010

fathers' day

It's a good day when, even though it's grey and dreary outside, everyone is in a good mood and we can start the day with a lazy morning of pyjamas, coffee and presents!  We made no plans for Fathers' Day, choosing instead to let Daddy have a lie in while I read (and re-read) No Roses for Harry, Harry the Dirty Dog and Harry at the Beach to Ollie and Max.  The boys gave their beloved pa a most beautiful little hand drawn card and Tim Winton's Minimum of Two (chosen to settle the debate between us over whether we should plan to have more babies than our two.  I say yes!).  And, breaking the books-for-gifts-rule, we also treated Will with a ticket to the first test of the Ashes.

It's an even better day when your little boy asks for his crayons and he enthusiastically scribbles away, providing that glimmer of hope that he'll be a creative little soul, keen to express himself through delightful little drawings.  But when for the first time, he decides to colour in, actually colour in the wheels on the little cars he asked you to draw for him, it is something special.  I know he has such a long way to go, but it feels like such a step forward to see him concentrate on directing the crayon he's holding in his chubby little fingers with such deliberation.

Sure, the house is a mess, we are drowning under the laundry, we had tears and tantrums, and I cannot begin to work out how to get Ollie to at least try his dinner before refusing to eat it but when all is said and done, it's been a really rewarding day.

Happy Fathers' Day, Daddy.

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