April 12, 2010


Our wardrobes have been looking a little sparse lately.  Will's t-shirts are threadbare (they really are, it's not an exaggeration) and my wardrobe consists of maternity clothes or things that just don't fit at the moment.  Our boys are also fast outgrowing their little collection of shirts and shorts so last week, we spent the best part of  a day choosing t-shirts for the whole family from Threadless, 'a community based tee-shirt company with an ongoing, open call for design submissions'.  I love the concept that anyone can submit a design (which if chosen earns a few dollars for the artist) but the best thing about it is that it works!  There are hundreds of awesome and original designs to choose from, which means we spent hours (again, no exaggeration) looking at inventive, cute, funny and intelligent artwork and images before finally choosing our favourites, which arrived only three days after ordering them!  We may have gone a little over the top but I justify this on the grounds that we really, really needed clothes and I wanted to make the expedited shipping from the US worthwhile.

Most of the designs are available in guys, gals and kids sizes - we did resist the urge to buy matching shirts for the whole family but I reckon it'd make a suitably kitsch family greetings card and I'm not totally averse to dressing my boys in matching outfits, so I'm not ruling it out just yet.

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