April 17, 2010

sausage dogs

In the whirlwind of the last few weeks, two forgotten little souls are our beloved miniature dachshunds, Lola and Deacon.  With two babies to look after and in the sleep deprived, post new-baby fug, it's easy to be cross with them when they bark for no apparent reason, when they scrounge for Ollie's scraps and when they jump up on the furniture with muddy paws.

Lola is stubborn, single minded, food-seeker who loves to bask in the sun.  She has long eyelashes, grey whiskers, and a beautiful, silky, tan coat.  She has a grumpy bark but a fantastic happy howl that she brings out to welcome people into our home.  Deeks is a long haired softie, nervous of strangers and desperate for pats.  He has smelly breath and is loyal, shy and good natured.  I think he's the most handsome dog I've ever known.  They can be very naughty, but they are both beautiful little dogs and really, they have been so patient and forgiving of the lack of attention they have been receiving since the new addition to our family arrived.  It's fair to say they have grown accustomed to not being the focus of our attention since Ollie was born 18 months ago.  Thanks to Will, they still get to go out for walks, although they aren't as long or frequent as they were, they don't get groomed as often as they used to (I think they are thankful for that), but they do enjoy more treats, and while they might be a bit grubby at times, they seem happy and perhaps love each other even more than they did before our family grew so quickly.  They are terrific with the kids, very gentle and tolerant of Ollie's occasional rough and tumble.  I'd like to think that when the kids are in bed and they do get to clamber up on the couches, or on the now rare occasion that they get to sleep on our bed, that they are appreciative of the pats and cuddles.

So next time they bark at the postman and wake the boys up, I will try to remember how sweet they can be and that I love them dearly.  Even if they are a bit stinky.

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leslie said...

they are gorgeous! give them a big cuddle from me, thanks for your kind words. x

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