June 17, 2011


I am sneaking this post in from my desk at work so there are no images to share.  It's Friday, a day that I normally spend with the boys getting ready for the weekend, but today I am here.  Will is at home with the boys who were a little on the whingey side when I left this morning, but to his credit, they had already had breakfast and he had already done the hoovering.  He takes it all in his stride, he does and I often wish I could be more like him. 

As a mother I am almost ashamed to admit that I love working.  I may have doubts about my job at the moment, but I still love working.  It's a balance that I crave, it's a part of my life that is predictable and ordered but challenging too and I like that I contribute to the financial security of our household and future and get to wear tights and lipstick.  I adore spending time with Ollie and Max but I find the chaos of having to run our house overwhelming at times and without the network of family support that we might have if we were closer to my parents, it's bloody hard work.  Being here, in the calm, ordered space that is my desk, being able to get things done, and make decisions that actually come to fruition is refreshing.  And then being with my children and flying by the seat of my pants, dealing with things as they happen and learning as I do it that I can make calm out of chaos is awesome too.  As is the ability of my children to teach me what I don't already know about myself. 

It's all about balance you know.  And husbands that love and support you.

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