April 5, 2011

better late than never

This last Sunday, we pretended it was Max's birthday.  We let his actual birthday slide by; Will and I were working and we wanted to make a fuss over presents and cakes etc, and the kids haven't been feeling so good lately, so the sensible thing to do seemed to be to postpone it, rather than rushing it.  Max was none the wiser and neither was Ollie for that matter, who helped pick out a little toy for his brother before the weekend and was as excited about the prospect of birthday cake and toys.  (Max gave Ollie a little gift too, you know, it's nice to share on your birthday and we think it will become a tradition in our house that the kids give each other gifts on their birthdays.)

As for the gifts... well, the title of this post is somewhat hopeful, and could be the jinx that halts progress altogether, but I have finally pieced together all the little green and yellow squares for Max's quilt top.  It's been a long time coming, and it wasn't ready in time for his birthday (actual or pretend), but it doesn't matter too much as I'm quite certain that he's more interested in his new bobby car and the introduction of butter and sugar into his diet in the form of teeny little home made birthday cup cakes, which let's face it have that instant, in your face, unabashed kid appeal, making the photo opportunities so cute and so sweet.  Literally sweet.  I know I shouldn't feel so happy about giving him cupcakes, but it sure does feel great to see him smoosh those little cakes into his face and thoroughly enjoy the good and simple things in life.

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An x said...

These are the most fabulous photos ever. You are a talented lady, helped by the cutest kids x

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