February 4, 2011

the machine

Was my last post really on 23 January?  Actually, that seems about right.  The last fortnight has been so busy.  I'm well and truly back at work, busy, in demand, loving it but feeling like everything at home and work is suddenly way harder than I had envisaged and so exhausting.  

A typical day starts at 6am (not bad for a house with two kids under two and a half), quick shower, blow dry (which I have to say has been pointless these last few humid days so I've practically given up.  It's only taken 8 years for me to accept the humidity and embrace the frizz), get the kids up if they aren't already, do the breakfast chaos, clean up (otherwise we get home to ants and flies, and nobody, especially me likes to come home to a dirty kitchen), get the kids dressed, get my clothes on (this is last minute, you understand) out the door, over to Sue's, drop them off, pray there are no tantrums/tears, rush to the train in the stinking heat, lipstick on the train, do a day's work, get home, by which time Will's picked up the boys and given them dinner, help him bathe the kids, let Ollie watch 10 minutes of tv (The Octonauts) get them to bed, pray they go to sleep without any fuss, get our dinner going, eat it, clean up, do a load of washing/folding, make lunches for the next day, have a cold shower and pass out whilst attempting to watch an episode of The West Wing.

So even though I haven't made it into work on time yet, I think we are doing ok.  There are a few things we are working on with Ollie, and I might write about that later, but for now, we are just trying our best to keep on top of things.  We have to accept we have less time if we are both working, but it's something we can't avoid just now, while we are young, in our first home, trying to get ahead financially and build our experience and a future for the boys.  I'm lucky I only have to work part time.

Still, we are saving a bit of money here and there, it's nice to get some time to myself (Will and I even had lunch together this week) and the boys seem oblivious to the revving machine that is our household and they're taking it all in their stride.  Sue is a godsend.  She knows our boys and loves them.

An extra 3 hours a day would be nice.  But I bet I'd just fill it with chores!

Even when we have no time, we need cake and so last weekend we made mini peach and blueberry muffins.  Absolutely delicious.  I followed this recipe (it's Nigella's), but didn't have enough blueberries, so made up the difference (about 100g) with fresh white peach chunks.  Don't over mix the batter.  They were light, delicious, the kids loved them and so did we.  

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