January 23, 2011

little big day out

We just got back from a morning of chaos, balloons, jumping castles, tv heroes (well, for the other kids anyway, Ollie was none the wiser), ill fitting wigs, bad singing and overpriced hot chips at the IGA Rhymes festival.

I knew it would be this way so I didn't expect too much from it.  I guess the point was to get out and do something a bit different and we actually had a reasonably nice time, but probably no nicer than we would have had if we'd just headed out to the pool for the day.   I can't say anything very positive about the acts, the singing, the dancing and the format of the event, so I won't, but Ollie had a good time wandering around, spending most of his time on a jumping castle and touching the St John Ambulance.  Max looked a little bewildered but he seemed to take it in his stride.  We'd planned to meet with friends of ours but in the madness of a million people and a trillion kids and a few too many flouro outfits (just like Big Day Out), it didn't happen, so we ended up doing our own aimless thing, which consisted of avoiding most of the acts and letting Ollie lead the way.

I must remember next time someone asks me if I want tickets to this type of thing that we'll be better off at the park with a picnic and our friends, but I suppose it's trying these things that makes us wiser.

Another weekend is nearly over.

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