December 30, 2010

bargain joy

Anyone that knows me knows I love a bargain.  I'm not a hoarder (at least I don't think I am) so I don't just buy things because they are a good bargain, but it definitely sways me when I'm considering a purchase. Lately I've been very considered when spending money and I'm proud of the moments when I've been so strong as to walk away from a clear doozy of a cut-price item because I know I don't need any more stuff.

But, even though I said I wouldn't brave the sales this year, I needed a sheet for our bed so off I went to Myer.  I picked up the sheet (40% off, thank you) and on the way to the checkout spotted a lovely pile of decorative boxes covered in that unmistakeable Orla Kiely print.  "50% off" it said.  So I had a little lookie and found this king size duvet cover, green (Ollie's favourite colour) and covered in cars (Ollie's favourite thing).  50% off.  Slightly hesitant, as this still meant that it was a little overpriced (the original price was $179 so even at 50% off, this seemed like a lot for something I am most likely going to cut up and turn into... cot sheets, pyjamas, anything else), I took it to the cash register, where it was in fact, not 50% off, but three hundred thousand percent off.  $31.  For some lovely fabric and a sweet, reusable box too.  Joy.

1 comment:

leslie said...

love it. that is my kind of shopping!

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