November 18, 2010

brush strokes and a new perspective

Ollie brought his first paintings home from day care yesterday.  They are so beautiful!  I love the colours, the glitter, the dog eared corners and the way they make me imagine him clutching a paintbrush, concentrating on making his mark.  Sue, the lovely lady that looks after Ollie at her home said he was engrossed and demonstrated again that when he's doing something he's interested in, his attention span is quite amazing.

When we got home, we reflected on his day:

me:  Ollie, I love your paintings
Ollie:  (nodding earnestly) paintings!
me:  Did you like painting?
Ollie:  haha (nods)
me:  What colours did you paint with?
Ollie:  (pointing at blue and green) Boo.  Geen.

Ollie loves to scribble and it's a joy to watch his skill develop.  He hunches over the little table and actually holds his crayon in quite a grown up way (rather than clutching the crayon in his fist).  My next project for the boys is to organise a little craft area that goes beyond the butcher's paper taped to the coffee table to encourage Ollie to express himself in this enlightening way.

And Max, dear little Max.  He's had a mouth ulcer under his tongue for a week now (I think from his new little bottom teeth) which has affected how he's been eating and consequently he's been waking many times in the night, hungry.  Thankfully, he's now feeding much better during the day and he seems to be happier, but the most remarkable thing of all is that he is now sitting up, largely unaided, and has a fresh, new perspective of the world.  I think he knows it too and is pretty happy with his new skill.

He still has wild hair.

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