August 5, 2010

the end of a long day

It's 6.52pm and I'm listening to Will reading to Ollie.  Max is asleep and I'm about to get started on dinner.  It's been a long, long day.  Max has been uncharacteristically grumpy and restless (I am blaming his 4 month vaccinations) and Ollie decided that today would be the day that he would refuse his lunch and his daytime nap.  At one point, every toy of Ollie's was scattered around the house and our trip to the park resulted mainly in Ollie (and anyone near him) getting completely and utterly soaked from playing with the water taps.  So, it was a cold walk home.

But good things happened too.  Will made it home from work in time to bathe and read to Ollie.  Ollie loved his aubergine and tomato macaroni for dinner.  I managed to stay on top of the laundry.  We met a nice lady and her two babies at the park.  The house is remarkably tidy given the chaos that preceded the evening.  And today I spent a good while pondering over the beauty of our two little boys.  With their blue eyes, soft blonde body hair and fuzzy cuteness, it's a wonder I had anything to do with making them.  But I did, and blessed I am to have done it with Will.

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