October 6, 2017

max loves bird

Today, Hugo won 'Star of the Day' at Short Stepperz (with a Z).  The boys demolished two giant packs of tofu, disguised as fajitas, because Max won't eat chicken any more because chicken is bird and he loves bird.  We also saw and followed very quietly a squirrel nibbling conkers out of their spiky shells.  We had baths instead of showers, and Hugo blew a soap bubble out of his mouth that floated so high he says he must be full of helium. I swapped every third or fourth word in last half of The Smartest Giant In Town with 'thank you' in a thick French accent, causing much hilarity.  We decided on fish and chips for dinner on Friday, and pizzas on Saturday, and I got hugs because I bought profiteroles for dessert. 

It's over two years since I was here, updating this blog, and no promises to myself that I will make this a habit, but I would like to, because my memory isn't what it used to be and the feelings in my heart when I read those old blog posts remind me how much I need to document this stuff, for me, not for anyone else, but just for me, so I know, and feel, and can remember the good feels and sometimes the sad ones too, so I don't forget that when I'm sad, happy times will come again.

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