April 30, 2013

a good month

It's the end of April.  Almost a whole month has passed without a post, and I couldn't let that happen. In April, we had Max's awesome bird-day party (it deserves its own post I think), my 37th birthday, complete with bunting and spectacular cake, my dad turned 60 and I couldn't let these things just slide, as if they hadn't happened, when really, they were almost all consuming as we did our best to celebrate the birthdays in the only way we know how (with food and cake).  We even did boring stuff, but big stuff, like filling out application forms for school enrolments, because Ollie will be starting prep next year, and we worked long hours, bringing emails and numbers home to write and crunch, feeling hard done by but  satisfied when it was all done.  But then we did lovely things too, like taking days off, with the boys and without, enjoying each other's company, deluxe lunches and simple ones too, made deluxe by the fact we were together.  Ollie drew more than ever, rediscovered his love of Lego, Max grew so attached to his new pet (toy) lorikeet that we have to say good morning to it, and Hugo, he crawls everywhere now (quickly too), stands, claps, waves, faces forwards in his car seat and laughs and laughs and still wants a cuddle in the middle of the night.

So you see, I couldn't let April pass without a mention.  It was too good for that.

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