October 26, 2012

knight grey

When we moved into our house, almost exactly 6 years ago, it was almost perfect.  We didn't need to do much, apart from replace the counter top in the kitchen, add a few shrubs to the garden and replace the window dressings.  We'd hoped for a fixer-upper and while it would have been sensible for us to add value to our first home for an extra hike up the property ladder, with hindsight, we did the right thing by buying something we were able to walk into without any fuss.

In the six years that have passed, we have added another dog, two three children (I keep forgetting) and the once perfect walls and floors are now marked with paw/toddler prints from the ground up.  Little dints scatter our hoop pine floors and the walls... well, for about a year now we've been talking about painting them.  What better time to do it than after the arrival of a newborn baby?  We couldn't think of one.  So we embarked on Project Paint The Entire House (The Inside) when Hugo was about 4 weeks old with the aim of painting a room each weekend.

And ta DA! We're DONE!  Exclamation POINT! Will took a couple of days off last week when the boys were at kindy to paint their room.  We put their mattresses in Hugo's room while he continued to bunk in with us after we painted his room over the weekend (keeping us awake from close range), and now it's all done and crisp and new and fresh and white, except for this one wall in Hugo's room which we painted this fantastic Knight Grey colour, which I gotsta say looks very smart.

It actually feels like an age since we finished because we've been in the throes of organising Ollie's birthday party and doing you know, the usual (including continuing the instagram obsession).  But in 9 weeks we managed to do it all, including sanding and finishing our decks, and given our situation and that we've been squeezing it all into the weekends... it wasn't a bad effort in the end.  Not bad at all.  Exclamation POINT!

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