November 10, 2011

party in the park

Another successful birthday party, this time in our local park, which has recently been revamped after it was flooded in January.  The kids love that place, the play equipment is fantastic, there's a little toy firetruck that the kids love to go and rescue people/things in, and plenty of trees for shade.

It was a mammoth organisational feat to get everything ready for this morning's party.  Not because we over-complicated anything, but because we don't have grandparents or aunts or uncles to call upon to lend a hand, so it's all down to the two of us, from baking the cake to blowing up the balloons before cramming everything into our car and getting down to the park before everyone arrives whilst at the same time keeping the children safe/entertained/fed and ready.  It's not just food, it's chairs, tables, decorations, picnic blankets... so much to think about.  That said, we did have some help on the day from a neighbour, and there were plenty of offers once we were at the park to help with the kids/food/setting up, so we know some wonderful people.

And so we did it, we made hoummus, sausages (from the only butcher we know and love), home made cheese and potato pies, salads, cupcakes (store bought - I'm not a martyr), there was cheese, crackers, chips and drinks, sunshine and almost everyone we invited came along.  We blew up 40 balloons and tied them to the trees.  Oh, and the highlight?  Ollie's dump truck birthday cake, his Tonka truck cleaned out and filled to the brim with rich chocolate brownies. It was as simple as a triumph can be, if a little rich for the kids, inspired by a link from a friend at work who looks after me.

The boys, their pa and I spent the afternoon after the party the garden, going through all the gifts Ollie was so lucky to receive.  Lucky doesn't even tell you the half of it.  Those kids are blessed.

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