August 14, 2011

new camera

Well, we did it.  We couldn't exactly afford it, because we also bought a new fridge to replace the dodgy old one that we had, but thanks to the charms of interest-free credit, we are now the very proud owners of a new Nikon D7000.  I am amazed at the lack of indecision involved in buying this camera.  We are usually hopeless at making decisions but this one was within an acceptable price bracket (that's not to say it was cheap, unfortunately), and unlike it's cheaper little sister the D5100 it is compatible with my old Nikon lenses from the days of my manual Nikon SLR and so that was that.  We actually made a decision without dithering for weeks.

What is even more amazing is just how good this baby is.  I know nothing about cameras and couldn't tell you how to buy one, but the gazillions of megapixels, the absurdly high ISO capability, the humungous screen, the oodles of focus points, the lovely squishy button... the images we have taken so far have been damn near perfect and that's before we've even worked out what we are doing (that's where the 326 page manual comes in - and it's all in English).  You know with our old D90, taking photos at night time was hopeless.  The flash was so harsh, the colours so stark, we couldn't get it to do what we wanted (our wedding photos were a total disappointment because they all looked like we got married in the middle of a creepy night instead of at magical dusk, how I wish we'd organised a photographer), but this new camera has a much kinder flash; it's yellower - and mellower (I just thought of that!) and the images are so much more true to life than flash photography can often be.  We've taken some gorgeous shots of evening time in our house, capturing that lovely time after the kids are bathed and squeaky clean and dressed and ready for story time, and these shots of the newly configured bedroom of Ollie, which I'm hoping will soon become Max and Ollie's room so we can get some precious space back into our lives.

So, we are revelling in taking photos with this amazing beast, but having to be quite selective when we download them, because each image takes up way more space than our old camera did, even at reasonably basic settings (and it's meant we've had to buy extra space, too).  Poor old camera.  It's so utterly rubbish compared with our new mate, but we have had some good times with old D90, some very good times.  We must have taken at least 100,000 photos with him, he did us good, but boy are we wondering why we didn't upgrade sooner.  So go on, if you're thinking about a new camera and don't think it's worth it just yet, think again.  You'll wish you'd done it ages ago.

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