January 14, 2013

184 days

The passing of time is never as apparent as when you become a parent.  Fact.

So soon he will be talking, soon he will be crawling and walking, soon he will be telling me what I don't know, and I'll cling to every word.  I'll be sad for these baby days gone but so happy I had the honour of being the one he wants to be with the most, even though I know it won't last.  He's taught me that today is the best day to appreciate him, his gummy smile, his inability to lie on his tummy for more than a minute or two, his cuddliness at 4am, today is the best day to read to him and his brothers, to let them play in the mud, to take them to the park, to give in to one more story.  It took his arrival into our already wild world to make me take a step back, and savour what is good about today.  Happy half birthday little fellow.  What else will you teach me?

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