April 12, 2011


Late last week, I was looking forward to the festivities of the weekend, with a little trepidation that the weather would be rainy and we'd have to bring Max's garden birthday party indoors.  I didn't mind the idea of that too much, although it's much nicer for everyone if the weather is sunny and the kids aren't confined to our little house.  The weekend arrived and the weather looked promising, so Will and I got on with preparing party favours, baking cakes, cookies, cupcakes, marinading barbecue food and generally getting organised as much in advance as possible.  When there's only the two of you, organisation is everything... and as you know, I'm not one for winging it.

Saturday morning arrived and with a full 24 hours before party time, I was quietly confident that the weather would hold and we'd have a beautiful sunny Sunday in the garden.  The boys were being a little temperamental (it always seems to be the way when we are busy - they sense our preoccupation), so Will suggested he'd take Ollie out to pick up some last minute party supplies and then take Ollie to his weekly swimming lesson (which he'd missed for two weeks in a row due to illness) to give me a bit of space to get things done.  Which I did.  And then on their way home, Ollie was sick and the mountains of food we'd prepared was suddenly the least of my worries.

Within a couple of hours, we'd phoned everyone to cancel our plans and we dropped everything to look after Ollie who was feeling rather miserable.  And then, Max, who quickly followed suit.

And so Sunday, the boys were feeling ropey, but we decided distraction was they way to go.  We hired a couple of movies, which we didn't end up watching - it seemed so much nicer that we should hang out in the garden.  Will made a little cardboard car for Ollie to ride in and we got the paints out (always a winner) for both Max and Ollie to decorate the car and we pottered about the garden, cleaning cars, gardening and trying to overlook the party that could have been.  And while we thought about the party that could have been, the day we had was just fine, with our little guys ending the day a lot happier than they started it.

And the sun shined all day.

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