April 7, 2011

accidents and clean ups

With all the fuss over Max's first birthday, I've let a rather important happening pass the blog by.  It's been a somewhat of a work in progress, interrupted by the tummy bugs we've had (all had - I was the latest to be struck earlier this week, forcing Will to take a day off work to look after the boys while I wallowed in bed for most of the day, feeling like I wouldn't ever recover), but the illness wasn't too much of a setback and I'm pretty chuffed to report that Ollie is now a master of the potty!

Sure, we have accidents, and some days (when he's particularly tired and cranky), it can seem like we are going backwards rather than forwards, but ever since about three weeks ago, when we decided to go for it and shun the nappies for some well fitted little underpants and a potty (and some treats for good potty action), we've had some pretty great days.  Even accident free days.  The mop is still always on standby and we ended up rolling up the lounge room rug when the boys were ill (to make clean ups easier), so it all kind of coincided.  I think the timing was important and having a tummy bug in the middle of it all wasn't great, and we went back to using nappies for a couple of days there, but it didn't seem to affect things too much.  Sue's been keeping things consistent at day care too, which has only helped.

We still have battles, especially when I insist on a potty stop before we go out somewhere (his excitement for whatever we are doing means the potty is the last and most dull thing on his mind), but it can also work quite well if I time it right:  'Ollie, just as soon as you've used the potty and washed your hands.'

And so, the hurdle that was potty training is well underway.  We still have night time and nap time nappies to contend with (any advice on this is welcome) but I don't think it's a big deal just at the moment.  I'm just amazed at how much smoother this whole process has been than I thought it would be.  A month ago I couldn't imagine Ollie telling me 'I need to use the potty,' but why not?  He's so darn independent in every other way, it should come as no surprise.  I guess it doesn't matter what your kids are capable of, they continue to amaze you.  I just feel so proud of him right now.  So proud.

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